I’ve been waiting for the cloudy Ukrainian winter to pass to get a photo of the moon.

Since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I have been fascinated with space but never had the money to invest in astrophotography. Yesterday I decided to put my Soviet 200mm lens on my new 5d Mark II (I know. It’s blasphemy for me to use digital) and took a half decent shot of the moon.

I hope one day to be able to get a telescope (They aren’t cheap, $400+) and take more photos of the planets and eventually my favorite thing in the sky, the Andromeda Galaxy.


Single exposure.

moon 3

A slightly better version. 33 exposures stacked in AutoStakkert then edited, cropped, and upscaled in photoshop.

moon 2

This one is 75 photos stacked together to get better sharpness and contrast. You can see clearly the Tycho crater (on the bottom) and Copernicus crater (middle left). The Tycho crater is only 86 km in diameter, so a little longer telephoto lens would let me get a lot more detail.

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