A Film Buyer’s Guide to Ukraine

Buying film in Ukraine can be difficult but there are some options out there. I’ve compiled a list of the places that I’m aware of and what I think about them.

Buying film in Ukraine can be difficult but there are some options out there. I’ve compiled a list of the places that I’m aware of and what I think about them. It’s probably not exhaustive, so if you know of another place, let me know and I will add it.


Foto Fond – Probably the best selection of film and analog supplies in Kyiv. This is an amazing store with almost everything you could possibly need. They have two locations. Foto Lavka has more supplies, and Foto Masters has printing and a darkroom for rent. They also have a Coolscan 5000 for 35mm and V750 for medium format and larger scanning. I’ll be honest and say that Foto Lavka doesn’t have the friendliest employees in the world, but they are knowledgeable.

Paparazzi – Mostly newer digital supplies, but this store has a small selection of film, chemistry, and second hand analog cameras. Some films here are cheaper than Foto Fond.

Fotovramke – Prices are a little higher than online but sometimes having an actual store to go to is nice. They also have photo services like development, scanning (Pakon F-153 and Noritsu HS-1800), and printing.

Foto Vision – Limited selection of film but they have Kentmere and T-Max 100 (35mm) fairly cheap. They also have a rental granted it’s not supplied with top-notch equipment. They do however have a drum scanner, which will produce the best scans of your negatives.

Foto Plenka – Great selection of film and supplies with great prices. Based in Kyiv but can ship throughout Ukraine.


Fotovernisazh – A great small shop. They have a small selection, but it’s the best you will find in Lviv. You can get a few films and developers here, but you might be better off shopping online. They also have developing for color and black & white, and both 35mm and medium format. Check out their Astrum film. It’s a cheap Ukrainian made film. Not the best quality but I like the effect it gives.

Foto Nova – A chain store in Lviv. They mostly do copies, passport photos, and (low quality) prints, but many of them sell film at a good price. You are mostly going to get cheap films like Kodak Gold, but I have seen TMAX 100 there for cheap. They also develop and scan 35mm C-41.

Foto Xata – Pretty much the same thing as Foto Nova. Not every location has film but some do.

Ramki – Not a huge selection but Tri X and T Max is the cheapest I have found.


Foto Mania – I have not been to this store but their website looks promising. The benefit of here is that they have two films in bulk rolls, HP5 and Ultrafine. Again, some films are cheaper and some are more expensive.


Foto Syndicate – Again I have not been here but a lot of the chemicals you can get in Kyiv come from Foto Syndicate (homemade D-76, Rodinal, and Pyrocat). They also seem to have some of the cheapest prices for film in Ukraine.


Fotoimpex – Shipping is 9 Euros and almost everything is half the price of what you would get in Ukraine. If you’re going to order in bulk, I would get it from here. Unfortunately they cannot ship liquid chemicals (no HC-110, which breaks my heart), but they can ship powders, film and equipment. Keep in mind that the prices are lower at checkout if you are not in the EU.

Maco Direct – Also in Germany. They have an impressive collection of everything analog photography. Shipping is 11 Euros plus 1.5 Euro per kilo.

Nordfoto – Has a great selection of sheet film and hard to find sizes. Also has good deals on buying in bulk (10+ rolls).


Analogue Wonderland – A decent selection of film at decent prices. Shipping is 9 Pounds to Ukraine. They have a couple of 110 size films if you want a few extra exposures.


Freestyle Photo – Freestyle is probably going to have the largest selection. The problem though is being in California, you will pay $30+ for shipping. The benefits are that they can ship liquid chemicals and you can get bulk 35mm. If you are ordering boxes of supplies, it might not be so bad to pay the extra shipping. Or find someone coming from the US to bring it.

B&H and Adorama – Like Freestyle, B&H and Adorama will have literally everything you could possibly need. Honestly, I’m not sure about shipping to Ukraine but it might be worth a look. Even if you’re not buying anything, their websites and YouTube channels are worth having a look. There is a wealth of knowledge on everything photography.


OLX – OLX is a Ukrainian online shop with literally everything you need from cameras and lenses to film and chemistry. I have never had a problem with ordering anything. Just send through Nova Poshta and never pay upfront. This is maybe the cheapest place to find film in Ukraine.

Prom.ua – Not much to say about Prom, but you can view prices from different stores and compare prices. It’s useful if you are not in Kyiv or a bigger city.

eBay – I’m sure you can figure this one out. Just be prepared to pay inflated shipping prices. The best place to get expired film.

Amazon – Similar to eBay but no bidding and limited shipping to Ukraine.

Etsy – The prices range here from crazy cheap to overpriced. Like eBay, it’s a good place to look for expired films.

Ali Express – Only Fujifilm and Rollei. The best part is free shipping on most products but the cost is 1-2 months delivery time. Keep in mind also everything is from China and they like to make cheap knockoffs. Download the app for discounts and coupons.

I could go on and on, but most places either have just a very small selection of film, inflated prices, or are copies of other online stores. I tried to limit this selection to actual brick and mortar stores, places with film AND chemistry, and places with cheap prices. I will update as I find more stores and cheap film in Ukraine.

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