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Thank you for selecting Joey Marasek Photography as your photographers for this special occasion. We have a few recommendations that will help ensure you get the most out of your session.

Please show up promptly at the designated time. Many times, sessions may be scheduled after yours. Arriving late may cut into the time devoted to your session. For most sessions, it is best to arrive 10 minutes early.

Please leave your cameras and cell phones in the car. Your session will go much easier without the distraction of other cameras or the need to answer a cell phone. We reserve the right to ask you to put away cameras and cell phones.

Please let family and friends know they should not attend the session. The photography session is not meant to be a family reunion or meet and greet with others who are not part of the session. We would love to photograph your entire family too, but please schedule a separate session.

For all sessions (but especially for children and infants), cameras, cell phones and other people are distractions, which may affect the attention of those, being photographed.

If we are photographing a newborn session, don’t forget that we will do a few shots with mom and dad. You brought them into this world. You deserve some photos with them. Neutral colored tank tops/undershirts are best, and natural or no makeup for mom.

If you feel we did a great job photographing you and your family, please give us a hug. We love hugs and we hope that you enjoy working with us as much as we do with you.