About Joey

Joey Marasek was born in Houston, Texas. In September 2012, he took off on a trip throughout the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa with The World Race. It was on this trip where he acquired his love for photography. He returned home for six months and bought a camera and one way ticket to Chiang Mai, Thailand. During his two year stay in Asia, Joey worked with various NGOs providing photography. He specialized in photographing victims of the sex industry, Burmese refugees, and minority groups. He has worked mostly in Northern Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia, providing photo and video to various NGOs.

After two years in Asia, Joey realized he needed more training to develop his photography skills. After a short time in Ukraine, He went to Nuremberg, Germany for the Marriage of the Arts school for three months. Here, he developed a love for film photography, particularly medium and large format. With the school, he spent three more months traveling India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal working with different churches and NGOs. He then moved to L’viv, where he spent two and a half years running photo workshops before moving to Kyiv where he currently resides with his wife Alena and children Elizabeth and Anakin.

Countries visited: Austria, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Germany, Haiti, India, Italy, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Ukraine

joey marasek portrait